Tuesday, 9 February 2010

HEALTH @ New City Suburbs, Edmonton - 6th Feb

New City Suburbs is a weird place. It's some kind of goth bar, full of skeletons in dresses hanging from the ceiling, and every light is a UV one, which showed up a frightening number of white marks on my newly-bought pair of trousers...anyways, the doors didn't open till 9, so we went to an 'English' pub called the Sherlock Holmes. It was an experience I do not wish to remember. When we rocked up to the venue, the drinks were so expensive that we left again to head to the Jekyll & Hyde pub, which is in the basement of the GO! Hostel we had spent one night in a few days back. Pitchers were cheap, and the music was immense - some kind of weird covers band that had a Viz-reading Mark Lamarr on guitar, his dad or someone on keyboards, and an anonymous drummer. Anyways, when we went back to New City Suburbs a few hours and many pitchers later, the second support band were only just coming on. They were immensely shit. HEALTH more than made up for them though. All I remember is shouting 'Motherfucking HEALTH!' and moshing. Then somehow we were on a bus home, and then we were in a 24 hour McDonalds getting free burgers from a lovely little worker with a cheeky smile who Dave wanted to 'liberate'. All in all it was a boss evening.