Sunday, 25 April 2010

Girlfriends - Girlfriends (2009)

Some of you may know, most of you won't care, but I've been travelling around North America for the past 4 months, hence the lack of posts. However, this album is SOOO good that it has impelled me to share it with y'all. It's one I missed from last year and I must thanks my dear friend Chev for suggesting it. Apparently it is self-released (someone give them a deal, please!) and it is just amazing electronic math rock, sort of like Errors (whose new album is also the tits, go and buy it. Maybe I'll post it in the infamous TCOAL end-of-year bonanza if it makes it. But don't take the risk.) Even if you don't like any of what I've described, get it anyways - I guarantee you'll like it, and even if you don't, that just means you have no soul. Enjoy.

Girlfriends - Girlfriends (2009)

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Titus Andronicus, 917 Main, Vancouver, April 1st

Boy, do I love Titus Andronicus. The bit where the evil bitch mother eats her spoilt-rotten children in a delicious meat pie is, well, delicious. And the bit where the virginal Lavinia (was that her name? Sounds pretty Shakespeare to me...) gets raped, then has her hands cut off and her tongue cut out, well that bit is pretty gory too. I love gore - not enough 'art' has fake blood by the gallon if you ask me. No, at the end of the day it probably isn't the most subtle of Billy Boy's plays, but it's a damned good spectacle to go witness.

But that doesn't really help you gauge whether Titus Andronicus, the band that Shakespeare named his first play after, were any good when I saw them last night. Ah man, you're putting me on the spot here - were they any good? 'I dunno' I cry, close to tears now, 'I can hardly remember the set!' I remember the lead singer going on a rant about something, I think it was about the American/Canadian border control giving him a hard time cus they asked him to empty all the goods out of his massive beard. Anyway, it left a slightly bitter taste in the mouth, and seemed to retard the set a bit. Apart from this passage, the show flowed pretty well, mixing new and old tracks, with an emphasis on the new album tracks. This seemed to please a fair few in the ground, cus almost everything was received hand-jiggling enthusiasm, but if you want my honest opinion (look at you, of course you do...), I prefer the first album, The Airing of Grievances, because it's more gritty and punky than the new one, and because it allows me to reminisce about all those times it got played in my house at university, and how being drunk and shouty is boss. And for me, that's when Titus are at their peak, when they're shouty and I'm drunky. Fortunately they have a decent front man for this - really he was the only person on that stage who drew the eye, loads of fidgety energy and frantic little guitar solos. Oh, and they were a pretty tight band. And they have some pretty cool songs.
So did I enjoy the set? Yeah, I spose I did a bit, but all these positive factors somehow don't add up to a 'great' show. It isn't going to live on in the memory as Shakespeare's blood-and-guts-fest does years after I read it. The Titus Andronicus the band that I'm going to remember down the line will be the one on their tasty anthemic debut album, the one that we foghorned out in our dingy student flat and which gave us such cheap thrills.