Friday, 22 October 2010

Teebs - Ardour

This happy chappy is Teebs. Teebs made me a happy chappy in turn last night, when I caught him supporting Daedelus and The Gaslamp Killer. Really chilled out beats, L.A. producer so he's basically like Flying Lotus or whatever bla bla bla, but he had a nice sound, and his CD, which he gave me for free cus I guessed his age correctly (23 by the way), is real swell too. If you were North American, you'd say that this was excellent music to 'kick it and blaze it' to. You'd never catch me saying that though.

I would encourage everyone to check out his myspace and if you're feeling naughty, you could pinch his music from here, just to give the whole album a listen, before definitely going out and buying a copy. Or you could bump into him, say 'hey you're 23', and, because he seemed like a fucking nice bloke, he'd probably whip one of his CDs out from somewhere and say 'Good job, have my CD'.

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Dave Wingrave said...

yeah, he's flylo- he's on brainfeeder!