Sunday, 25 October 2009

Baxter Dury – Floorshow (2005)

Something a bit livelier than yesterday's album. I don't have much to say becuase I'm tired and hungry, but this album is just great for so many reasons:
1) There's a naked woman on the cover.
2) Baxter is Ian Dury's son, and he has his own son called Cosmo. Respec'
3) The music's not bad either - seriously, this album is a true hidden gem. The track 'Cocaine Man', for instance, is just an absolute blinder.

Baxter Dury – Floorshow (2005)


Anonymous said...

Winner. I got it on vinyl somewhere for a fiver. Maybe alt vinyl. Anyway, well good.

Emmie said...

I had completely forgotten this existed! I got it free in the post when it was released.. Love it!