Monday, 19 October 2009

Yo ho ho and a bottle of Smirnoff

If anyone out there other than my mum reads this blog (well not even my mum actually, she's scared of technology), you’ll have noticed I haven’t posted anything for a long time, since April in fact. Partly due to laziness, partly due to having my finals, to use yet another Americanism that pollutes our beautiful language. But I've graduated now (yay!) but am currently unemployed (nay!), so I have the time to post more frequently. But I'm gonna mix it up a little – no longer will I post my shitty little reviews (I've deleted my old posts for a fesh start); no, now I intend to post full blown albums of bands I like, and stuff I'm listening to, plus any other crap I want. I'm going travelling in December, so I'll probably do one of those travel blog thingys at some point. But don't worry, it'll be mainly boss albums. That's right, I have taken my first steps into musical piracy! But musical piracy is such a load of shite anyway, it's just a natural step in the evolution of music. You’ll notice it's only greedy little fuckers like James Blunt (who has brought so many new dimensions to the definition of dullness that it has left out top scientists completely bamboozled) and Lily Allen (having BOTH parents in the entertainment industry didn't help her career our one iota, no siree) – acts who managed to gain commercial success with their first album; no, their first single – who have been complaining. You won't see any acts who have struggled and grafted for ten years without a single break putting their lack of success down to a small ring of online musical geeks recommending each other good bands to get in to. Human nature is such that if we like a band, we will always want to see said band live in concert, and wear their t-shirt, and buy their limited edition 180 gram gatefold 12". All musical piracy is doing is stopping people buying overpriced CDs, while at the same time giving bands a bigger audience than they could ever have wished for. Anyways, with all the hullabaloo about musical piracy at the moment, here are some 'rules' I would like everyone to abide by:

The listener – if you like an album, great. But please, please, please support the band by seeing a show, buying a t-shirt, or even forking out for a CD or record. If you have a request for anything, or any comments, then e-mail me on

The band – if you're down with having your music here, cool. I'm always eager for new music, so e-mail me at with MP3s or whatever if you want me to post it. If you DON'T want your music here, then that's also fine. I don't want to bankrupt you or get your mansion or fifteen cars repossessed, I just want to give you some love! So just send me an e-mail to this address and I'll take it down straightaway, and won’t upload it ever again (I promise!) But please don't send any legal threats or any of that bollocks, that’s not cool for anyone involved.


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