Monday, 30 November 2009

Monday Mix Tape Numero 6

Week 6 : The Scandinavian Mix Tape
by the aptly named Blizzard

Yo. I have the authority to do a mix on this subject because I went to Iceland 6 years ago and nearly died after a strenuous walk through the mountains in the pissing down rain. I passed out, but managed to wake up by the time the burgers and hot dogs had been cooked by the angelic Iceland girl with the rosy cheeks and ample bosom. Hurra for ample bosoms.

I'm going for something different with this one - not so many songs, and hardly a guitar in sight. Whack on a decent pair of cans, as the tension is in the detail. As the Finnish say.

1. Giuoco Piano - P. Jorgensen
2. Killshot - Ben Frost
3. Part 1/ IBM 1401 Processing Unit - Johann Johannsonn
4. Here Before (feat. Van Rivers and The Subliminal Kid) - Fever Ray
5. TwentyTwoFourteen - The Album Leaf
6. If You Ever Need A Stranger (To Sing At Your Wedding) - Jens Lekman
7. Pollon Pentu - Kuupuu
8. Track 6 (There is probably an actual name for this track, but it aint on my scruffy itunes...) - Olafu Arnalds
9. Pversogn - Sigur Ros
10. I Was Her Horse - Mum
11. Wrong Gods - Troels Abrahamsen

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emmie said...

listen to boat club or [ingenting] for beautiful swedish music