Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Celer - Brittle (2009)

Drone comes in all shapes and disguises: you got your ambient drone, your metal drone, your folk drone, your jazz drone, your country and western drone, and your bog standard funk disco galactic drone. It's a word bandied round more often than the village strumpet. Cus Pip is trying to make me put up hip hop as it's hip hop week, I'm saying this track is hip hop drone. It's not, but sometimes if you lie, he doesn't notice.

This is one track, 75 minutes or so long, with 8 different 'pieces' melded together. Give it a few listens and you can sort of discern where one ends and another begins, but don't raise your expectations too high. I don't think Celer ever heard that variety is the spice of life... Also, if you squint your ears, you can also hear traditional hip hop beats and MCing *wink wink*

I'm not saying that this is 'good' or 'great', or that it's complex, unique, jaw-dropping or anything like that, because it's not. For a listen or two it's a bit like wading through hip-high mud, or trying to actually like Jane Austen, but you gotta stop fighting it. Accept it for what it is, and it actually becomes pretty sweet.


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