Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Johann Johannsson - Fordlandia (2008)

Stretch your mind back to last week, when we were in Scandinavia, wearing that cool chunky knitwear they have, and drinking those damned expensive pints they sell... (in Iceland I payed £7 for a pint of larger in a Viking themed restaurant, served to me by a real-life fake Viking). Oh, and we were also metaphorically swilling their musical produce in the glass, sniffing it a bit to get an idea of the flavours, then glugging it back as you should do with all booze. Well this album is one I meant to post on Friday, but was busy living the dream at ATP.

On my mix tape I posted a Johann Johannsson track, concocted of weird noises generated when an old IBM computer was programmed in certain ways, and accompanied by lush string comps. Modern composition with a twist of lime. In my humble, this is even better, Johannsson's best in fact. I just found out that it's about some rubber factory in some far off country, but I didn't know that, and I enjoyed the music just fine. So maybe this knowledge will enhance you're listening even further. Great compositions, a lush theme that keeps on popping up as lush themes oughta, and, er, a story about rubber?

ps. I saw Icelandic band Mum on Sunday, and they are fantastic live. One of the female singers is so unbelievably hot, and has become the main reason I give when I express the desire to go live over there later in life.

pps. this aint my up, I link stole it off megaupload. If you don't wanna trust it, tell me and I'll up my own copy.

ppps. The above link is password protected apparently - here's another link Fordlandia If this doesn't work I'll get off my lazy arse and upload it myself.


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