Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Ekca Liena - Sleep Paralysis (2009)

First off, this aint scandinavian. Neither, as a matter of fact, are The Album Leaf, who I included on the mix tape. The reason I'm allowed to include that track, for those Eagle Eye Cherried enough to spot this questionable content, is that Sigur Ros sing on that track. Or so I once heard.

This Ekca Liena is sublime, one of my favourite albums of the year. It's ambient drone for most of the lp, with a cracking climax in killer final track 'Paralysis'. Musicians like this are so totally underrated by the ignorant masses - I would give my left bollock to make something half as powerful as this. I probably wouldn't give both of my bollocks to double up and make something on par with this though...

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