Sunday, 20 December 2009

Film School – Hideout (2007)

This is the shite I wrote about this album for my Uni paper when it first came out back in September 2007:

The third album from San Francisco-based Film School is a great mix of early 90s alt-rock (think Sonic Youth and Pavement) and 21st Century indie, most notably Interpol, whose influence can be seen throughout standout track 'Two Kinds'. Written after a year of loss and heartbreak, which included the entirety of the band's equipment being stolen and 3/5s of the band leaving, this album is actually strangely uplifting: songwriter Greg Bertens concerns himself with overcoming his problems, not drowning in them. Overall, this is a great antidote to all that is wrong with music nowadays.

LOLZ. Enjoy.

Film School – Hideout (2007)

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